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Israel closes Gaza crossings; possible serious deterioration of humanitarian conditions

Closure of the crossings would affect fuel supplies, power plants, and access to drinking water and medicine. Should the complete closure of Gaza by Israel continue, this would exacerbate the already grim living and humanitarian conditions of more than two million Palestinian living in the Strip.

Associated Press caught whitewashing a Palestinian toddler’s death

The Associated Press shows yet again its affinity for whitewashing Israel’s crimes: this time, downplaying the death of a toddler at the whims of Israel’s harsh permit system. AP rarely covers Palestinian deaths in detail – it’s disappointing that when they did report on one, they misrepresented the context.

A chronicle of Israeli actions against Palestinians in 2021

Israel has outdone itself in 2021 – destroying large swaths of Gaza, shooting to kill Palestinian protesters, endangering Palestinian children, and more. Here is a rundown of the year’s violence, covered by numerous IAK posts – with hopes that together, we can work to bring justice and peace in 2022.