Category: 2023 Israel Gaza War

Facts & analysis on the events of Oct. 7 and since

Israel’s “Flour Massacres” are back; another damning UN report – Day 257

“Safe zones” are death zones, aid seekers bombed; “brutal torture”; farmland destroyed; UN reports on indiscriminate attacks; growing dissent in US military against Gaza war; Alison Weir on Mawasi; Biden admin reportedly delaying weapons transfer; Tucker & Greenwald discuss suppression of free speech on behalf of Israel; more.

Israel perpetrates atrocity upon atrocity against the people of Gaza – Day 256

Israeli atrocities multiply as Gaza’s social fabric unravels; Netanyahu demands more US weapons; Wikipedia bans ADL as “unreliable on Israel and antisemitism”; “failing” Gaza pier will reopen, but its days are numbered; Israeli army kills again in West Bank; Wasserman Schultz claims she saw non-existent video…

Israel burns Rafah crossing: no exits left for Gazans; US arms sales continue – Day 255

Israel seals Gaza off from the world; Israel kills aid seekers again; aid delivery is too risky; White House event pushes false mass rape narrative again; $1 billion US naval campaign; Israel running low on military manpower; Israel has detained 640 children since Oct 7; Israel lobby news; more

Palestinians show steadfastness on Eid amid violence, grieving, death – Day 254

Beatings in Jerusalem; bombs, prayers, and gravesite visits in Gaza; Netanyahu doesn’t want humanitarian pauses; 7-year-old detained in West Bank; Israel’s record-high weapons sales; freed Israeli hostage looks well cared-for; Israeli former legislator invokes Hitler; Israel lobby tidbits; more

Gazans struggle to celebrate on Eid, as war rages on – Day 253

No water, no food on Islam’s high holiday; Israel claims more aid is coming; Israel’s air war in West Bank is killing children; extremist Israeli settlers set their sights on south Lebanon; Candace Owens & Briahna Joy Gray say criticism of Israel is media “red line”; more