Category: False claims about October 7

Claims about October 7th that turned out to be untrue.

Atrocities against babies that the head of the Israeli army’s national rescue unit alleged were committed by Hamas fighters when they attacked an Israeli kibbutz on October 7 were in fact lurid tales of the officer’s own invention, intended to provide a pretext for genocide in the Gaza Strip, and to protect the massacre’s actual perpetrators: Israel’s own soldiers, acting on the orders of a top general.

Widely reported Palestinian father-son ‘rape’ confession contradicted by piles of evidence

Alleged “confessions” by two Palestinians in Israeli custody filmed seemingly admitting to multiple rapes, murders, and kidnappings on October 7, do not match the events of that day, are contradicted by copious evidence, and were likely coerced through torture. US and British media are running with the stories regardless.

American Media Keep Citing Zaka — though its October 7 atrocity stories are discredited in Israel

Long after Landau’s emotional recollections were replayed, repeated, cited, and quoted in the global media, a problem emerged: No one could find any evidence that the two massacres ever took place — in Be’eri or elsewhere.

Israel’s national murder-suicide pact: Internalizing the “Hannibal Directive”

Speaking of 9-year old Emily’s short time in Palestinian captivity, Thomas Hand said that the Israeli military “had to do everything in its powers to destroy Hamas,” even if that meant killing his own daughter.

Journalism professors call on New York Times to review Oct. 7 report

More than 50 tenured journalism professors from top universities signed a letter calling on the New York Times to address questions about a major investigative report that described a “pattern of gender-based violence” in the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks on Israel.

A months’ long forensic analysis directed by award-winning British journalist Richard Sanders provides a detailed examination of the October 7, 2023. The  investigation found that much important information was largely omitted in mainstream media coverage. including the fact that many claims repeated by politicians and western media of alleged Hamas atrocities turned out to be untrue.