Israeli-imposed mass starvation, airstrikes continue to kill in Gaza – Day 260

Another child dies of malnutrition; dozens killed by Israeli airstrikes; US-built pier malfunctions; West Bank youth dies after soldiers shot him in stomach; Palestinian used as human shield; 2 US servicemen seek CO status over support of Israel; Military expert says US seen as taking orders from Netanyahu: Hind Rajab investigation; Cuba joins ICJ genocide case, more.

Israel carries out another tent massacre in Rafah – Day 259

Israel continues to bring death and destruction to Gaza; no high school graduates this year; medical supplies running out; CNN War Reporter says Gaza worst Israel kills several in West Bank; Israel hands power to illegal settlers; Israel says no internet for Gaza; Netanyahu warns Israel will “turn Beirut into Gaza” if confllct escalates; Columbia U update; another high-level resignation from State Dept., more

HRW: In Gaza, “the dead are the lucky ones” – Day 258

More evidence indicates widespread Israeli friendly fire on Oct 7th; another Palestinian journalist killed; Israeli admission that Hamas isn’t going anywhere; teenager killed in West Bank; Israeli prison deaths, torture, re-arrests; Palestinian female journalist’s award rescinded after pressure; Israeli liberal groups blocking food to Gaza; some in US baffled by Netanyahu’s comments against Biden; more.

Fear, hunger and displacement follows Israel’s worsening abuse of Palestinians in Hebron

Restrictions on movement, severe shortage of jobs as Israel has shut its labour market in the face of the 400,000 Palestinians it employed, with many families now facing hunger and starvation.

Israel’s “Flour Massacres” are back; another damning UN report – Day 257

“Safe zones” are death zones, aid seekers bombed; “brutal torture”; farmland destroyed; UN reports on indiscriminate attacks; growing dissent in US military against Gaza war; Alison Weir on Mawasi; Biden admin reportedly delaying weapons transfer; Tucker & Greenwald discuss suppression of free speech on behalf of Israel; more.

Israel perpetrates atrocity upon atrocity against the people of Gaza – Day 256

Israeli atrocities multiply as Gaza’s social fabric unravels; Netanyahu demands more US weapons; Wikipedia bans ADL as “unreliable on Israel and antisemitism”; “failing” Gaza pier will reopen, but its days are numbered; Israeli army kills again in West Bank; Wasserman Schultz claims she saw non-existent video…