Israel has killed over 2,500 Palestinians every month since ICJ ruling – Day 284

ICJ genocide ruling apparently meaningless to Israel, as Palestinian deaths, torture continue apace; Gaza pier debacle comes to an end; water crisis for Palestinian residents of Jerusalem; Israel demolishes high number of West Bank structures; Netanyahu says No to October 7th investigation; Israeli gov’t continues racist, anti-free speech actions; US sanctions one Israeli soldier for years-old crime; more.

Israel commits three massacres in less than one hour; a survivor says, “We are killed by American missiles” – Day 283

With US complicity, Israeli attacks continue unabated; another Palestinian journalist killed; Gazan man with Down Syndrome attacked by Israeli military dog, left to die; Smotrich demands blatant disregard for Int’l Court of Justice ruling – if it does not favor Israel; tax deductible support in US for Israeli groups that block humanitarian aid to Gaza; US has been making secret flights to Israel; US court lets Biden off the hook in Gaza genocide; more.

Israel may be using internationally banned weapons against Gazans – Day 282

Israel’s possible use of internationally banned weapons; new allegations of rape and torture of Palestinian prisoners; 13 human rights groups accuse Israel of blocking aid to Gaza; municipality runs out of fuel, water pumps cease; estimated 15 years, $500 million to clear rubble; EU sanctions settlers; Israel explains its failed attack on Mawasi; West Bank death, home demolitions; Smotrich opposes release of any Palestinian prisoners; RNC platform mentions one foreign country – Israel; a quick look at JD Vance’s position on Israel; Biden’s delusional statement on Palestinians; more.

Israel’s leading paper says its own army deliberately killed Israelis on October 7

Documents & testimonies reveal the Hannibal operational order, which directs the use of force to prevent soldiers being taken into captivity, was employed at 3 army facilities infiltrated by Hamas, potentially endangering civilians as well. But the U.S. media continues to hide the truth.