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Blinken claims State Dept has no double standard favoring Israel – Day 199

Another shameless moment for Blinken, even as he reveals a long list of Israeli human rights abuses; over 300 Gazan bodies discovered in mass graves; Israel prepping for invasion of Rafah; having a baby in Gaza; final report on UNRWA says Israel never offered evidence of wrongdoing; West Bank death; flurry of actions in solidarity with Palestine on US college campuses, more

Flashback: The Night of the Broken Clubs

The Israeli soldiers carried out the orders they’d been given: To break both arms and both legs by clubbing the Arabs; To avoid clubbing them on the heads; To remove their bonds after breaking their arms & legs, to leave them at the site; & To leave one local with broken arms but without broken legs so he could make it back to the village…

Israeli human rights violations in West Bank & Gaza, Nov 4-7

The Israeli forces commit 600 violations against journalists this year, remove residential Palestinian tents, Israeli soldiers abduct two teens & a cancer patient … Israeli soldiers abduct fishermen & two Palestinian siblings … Israel’s deportation of Human Rights worker upheld by Israeli Supreme Court , etc.

Israeli forces detain 8-year-old Palestinian child near Hebron

According to Defense for Children International, Israel is the only country that automatically prosecutes children in military courts that lack basic fair trial guarantees; 3 out of 4 experience physical violence. The majority of Palestinian child prisoners are charged with throwing stones, an offense that can lead to a sentence of 10 to 20 years…