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Who’s Funding AIPAC’s Political Spending Barrage?

This year AIPAC is planning to spend a $100 million to support pro-Israel candidates and defeat those who’ve questioned Israel’s killing of over 35,000 people in Gaza. Here are the tech industry founders, Republican megadonors, and others funding AIPAC and its closely-tied allies this election cycle.

AIPAC Is Secretly Intervening In Portland’s Congressional Race To Take Down Susheela Jayapal, Sources Say

The pro-Israel group is funneling money through a “pro-science” PAC, according to two members of Congress.

More aid workers killed in Gaza in a few weeks than in any of the last 26 years world wide  – Day 179

Humanitarian aid crisis deepens as groups suspend services in Gaza, citing safety concerns; survival on 245 calories a day; Israeli doctor: legs amputated due to handcuff injuries is a routine event; journalist deaths; devastation at Al Shifa Hospital; re World Central Kitchen massacre: “every commander sets the rules for himself”; UN considers resolution to impose arms embargo on Israel…