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Gaza Memorial Playground In Mary Hughes Thompson’s Name

Mary Hughes Thompson, 87, died on February 5, 2021, in Los Angeles, California. Mary was one of the founders of the flotilla movement, and was dedicated to justice in Palestine… see plans to build a playground in Gaza in her honor, tributes from around the world, and two videos about her….

Kathy Manning (D-NC) wrote of her fear of Gazan rockets when she went on an Israeli tour to the city of Sderot (a town that numerous American politicians are taken to visit). But it’s clear that Manning knows little about the history and current context of Gaza and Sderot, and is missing essential facts. This video gives her the information that Israeli tour guides and US media leave out.

Winter weather brings fresh disaster to Gaza

This winter is expected to be even tougher than usual, as Covid lockdown restrictions push yet more people into poverty. More than half the population already lived in poverty as the economy has suffered from the blockade on Gaza and repeated Israeli military operations that have cost the territory nearly $17 billion dollars in the decade from 2007-2017…

These are their stories: eight short videos about eight short lives…