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HRW: In Gaza, “the dead are the lucky ones” – Day 258

More evidence indicates widespread Israeli friendly fire on Oct 7th; another Palestinian journalist killed; Israeli admission that Hamas isn’t going anywhere; teenager killed in West Bank; Israeli prison deaths, torture, re-arrests; Palestinian female journalist’s award rescinded after pressure; Israeli liberal groups blocking food to Gaza; some in US baffled by Netanyahu’s comments against Biden; more.

UN says Gaza death toll still over 35,000 but not all bodies identified

Two recent articles explain why the death statistics for Gaza changed recently. While Israel tried to use this change to discredit the statistics, in reality it simply resulted from the massive numbers of people Israel has killed, and the time it takes to identify each mutilated body. (Israel also previously changed its own numbers)

Journalism professors call on New York Times to review Oct. 7 report

More than 50 tenured journalism professors from top universities signed a letter calling on the New York Times to address questions about a major investigative report that described a “pattern of gender-based violence” in the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks on Israel.

‘Our Future Was Here’: Christians in Gaza

Like all Palestinians in Gaza, hundreds of Christians living in the Strip found themselves with nowhere to hide once the war with Israel began after October 7, Israeli forces often targeting churches…

Israel continues to target Gazan aid-seekers – at least 4 incidents in 24 hours – Day 160

Hunger continues to be a death sentence in more ways than one; fears that the US pier will be used to perpetuate the reoccupation or ethnic cleansing of Gaza; aid ship off Gaza shore, logistics uncertain; Sen. Chuck Schumer makes major speech on Netanyahu and Israel; Forensic Architecture evaluates Israeli “evidence” from ICJ defense; Israeli forces aggressive in Jerusalem against Ramadan worshipers; new Palestinian prime minister; a smattering of sanctions by US against Israeli settlers; US intelligence says Hamas cannot be destroyed; and more