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HRW: In Gaza, “the dead are the lucky ones” – Day 258

More evidence indicates widespread Israeli friendly fire on Oct 7th; another Palestinian journalist killed; Israeli admission that Hamas isn’t going anywhere; teenager killed in West Bank; Israeli prison deaths, torture, re-arrests; Palestinian female journalist’s award rescinded after pressure; Israeli liberal groups blocking food to Gaza; some in US baffled by Netanyahu’s comments against Biden; more.

Israel faces possible embargo, war crime accusation, threats from Biden and Iran – Day 180

Times have been rough for Israel, thanks to a UN vote to halt arms sales, a Human Rights Watch war crime report, an angrier than usual Biden, a shake-up in the military ranks, and global scrutiny of AI targeting of people in Gaza. Meanwhile, Israel killing of Gazans and West Bank Palestinians continues, released Gaza captives show signs of torture – and another October 7th “friendly fire” incident is identified

Israel is holding over 9,000 Palestinian political prisoners – Day 144

Palestinian prisoner crisis; children dying of starvation, malnutrition; journalist under fire; West Bank deaths; Israeli security worries about Ramadan restrictions at Al Aqsa Mosque; Israeli “friendly fire”; Biden awaits “”credible and reliable written assurances” of proper use of US weapons from Netanyahu; mixed messages on Israel-Hamas-Biden agreement; US voters want a permanent ceasefire; Michiganders don’t want Biden; more