November 21: Today’s news on Palestine & Israel – Day 46

November 21: Today’s news on Palestine & Israel – Day 46

Humanitarian, hospital, & evacuation updates, journalists targeted, hostage news, Israel wants apology from BBC, struggles with friendly fire, finances

Find previous daily casualty figures and daily news updates hereFor more news, go here and here. Live broadcast news from the region is here.

Some people are led to be skeptical of the Al Jazeera news network. However, the network has won several Emmys, a Peabody and the Overseas Press Association’s Edward R. Murrow award, among many other honors. The New York Times reports that “its reporting hews to international journalistic standards and provides a unique view on events in the Middle East.” it’s important to remember that all news sources may potentially have bias. For example, CNN uses anchors who used to work for the Israel Lobby, who have lifelong attachment to Israel, and who often exhibit pro-Israel spin and omission in their broadcasts. Similarly, Fox News is strongly influenced by Rupert Murdoch, who has a similarly strong attachment to Israel, and who may have fired Tucker Carlson, the network’s most popular host, in part due to the host’s opposition to war and his pattern of failing to exhibit sufficient devotion to Israel).

Latest statistics:

Palestinian death toll: 13,044* (~12,829 in Gaza** (including at least 5,000 children and 3,300 women), and at least 215 in the West Bank). *IAK does not yet include 471 Gazans killed in the Al Ahli hospital blast since the source of the projectile is being disputed; although much evidence points to Israel as the culprit, experts are still looking into the incidentIsrael is blocking an international investigation.

Palestinian injuries: 35,111** (including at least 32,300 in Gaza** and 2,811 in the West Bank). **NOTE: it is impossible to offer an accurate number of injuries in Gaza due to the ongoing bombardment and communication disruption. 

It remains unknown how many Americans are among the casualties (State Department has said there are a more than 1,200 Americans, legal permanent residents and family members still in Gaza) . About 1.7 million people have been displaced; 6,500 are missing (4,400 children) and presumed to be under rubble.

Israel has now killed more Palestinians in a little over a month than in all the previous 22 years combined.

Reported Israeli death toll has been reduced to ~1,200*** (The Israeli spokesman said the original figure of deaths on March 7 was an “initial estimate” – 4 killed in West Bank, 71 in Gaza), including 32 Americans, and ~5,400 injured). The names of the 1,213 identified (about 33 of them children) are here.

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***NOTE: It is unknown at this time how many of the deaths and injuries in Israel may have been caused by Israeli soldiers; additionally, since Israel has a policy of universal conscription, it is unknown how many of those attending the outdoor rave a few miles from Gaza on stolen Palestinian land were Israeli soldiers.

Hover over each bar for exact numbers.

Humanitarian update: In recent days, UNRWA, in cooperation with the ‘Humanity and Inclusion’ NGO, has provided 3,830 persons with disabilities, injured people, children and the elderly with hygiene kits, assistive devices, eyeglasses, first aid kits and baby kits.

On 20 November, about 40 trucks carrying the medical equipment, alongside 180 doctors and nurses, have entered Gaza from Egypt. This equipment and medical personnel are intended for the establishment of a second Jordanian field hospital in Khan Younis, southern Gaza, with a capacity of 150 beds.

On 20 November, two trucks carrying about 67,000 liters of fuel entered Gaza from Egypt, as part of an Israeli decision on 18 November to allow the daily entry of small amounts of fuel for essential humanitarian operations. Fuel is set to be distributed by UNRWA to support food distribution, and the operation of generators at hospitals, water and sanitation facilities, shelters, and other critical services.

Additionally, 51 trucks carrying humanitarian supplies entered on 20 November. Overall, since October 21, 1,320 trucks of humanitarian supplies have entered Gaza (excluding fuel). Prior to the start of hostilities, an average of 500 truckloads entered Gaza every working day.

Another crossing to Gaza needed: The UN agency for Palestinian refugees says the Rafah crossing from Egypt into Gaza cannot accommodate a large number of aid trucks and calls for the opening of other border crossings. Karem Abu Salem aka Kerem Shalom crossing with Israel is the only crossing equipped to take enough trucks, UNRWA said, but it has been closed since October 7. (16:35 GMT)

Indonesian Hospital update: Health ministry spokesperson Ashraf al-Qudra stated that the Israeli military was firing nonstop at the Indonesian Hospital in northern Gaza, and that drones were shooting at anyone who moved in the hospital courtyard. He added that, since Monday morning, no one had been allowed to leave or enter the hospital.

What the Israeli occupation are doing to the Indonesian Hospital is exactly what they did to al-Shifa Hospital. We are concerned and worried that they commit a massacre there like they did at al-Shifa.[The Israeli military] are ending the last hope that anyone in northern Gaza has for treatment.

That means that 800,000 to 900,000 people will end up without any hospital. This will lead to the death of many people who are suffering from long-term diseases or are injured. (21:40 GMT)

200 patients were evacuated from the Indonesian Hospital with the help of the Red Cross just hours after it was hit by a deadly Israeli strike. (00:02 GMT)

The Health ministry says all hospitals in northern Gaza are now out of service.

Evacuation update: An estimated 25,000 people evacuated northern Gaza yesterday, headed south. The movement of unaccompanied children and separated families, including women who were ordered to leave their children, and wounded people, has been increasingly observed. Intensive bombing was heard multiple times in the vicinity of the corridor.

Americans in Gaza: State Department spokesman Matthew Miller has said there are a little more than 1,200 Americans, legal permanent residents and family members still in Gaza. He added that about 800 Americans, legal permanent residents and family members had left Gaza via the Rafah crossing to Egypt since October 7.

Sites of recent Israeli bombardment and casualties include:

  • Nuseirat refugee camp – 17 killed
  • Jabaliya – at least 3 killed
  • Heavy airstrikes and shelling on Indonesian Hospital – at least 12 killed
  • Western Khan Younis – at least 5 killed
  • UN school in Bureij camp – at least 10 killed
  • Al-Falujah school – dozens killed
  • The houses of a nurse, a doctor and a civil defense staff in Nuseirat refugee camp – at least 20 killed
  • Near An Najjar hospital, in southern Gaza – 17 killed
  • Among today’s deaths was journalist Ayat Khadura. She was the second Palestinian journalist killed in 24 hours
  • The home of a Health Ministry official – at least 17 killed
  • 83 mosques have been destroyed by Israeli air raids across Gaza,and an additional 170 have sustained damage
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Journalists at risk: The death toll of media workers has risen to 50 since the Israel-Hamas war began on October 7, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). Of those killed, 45 were Palestinians, four were Israelis and one was Lebanese. It was already the deadliest month for journalists since CPJ began gathering data in 1992. (00:02 GMT)

Journalists in Lebanon attacked: Another attack has targeted journalists in southern Lebanon, killing a reporter and a cameraman who worked for the pan-Arabic channel Al Mayadeen. Their management issued a statement saying it was a deliberate targeting of their crew. They are believed to have been hit by an Israeli armed drone. A third person, who was with them, was also killed. This was the third attack against journalists in southern Lebanon since October 13. (11:10 GMT)

Hostage update: A Qatari official has confirmed that negotiations to free captives taken by Hamas are at their “closest point” and have reached the “final stage.” “We are at the closest point we ever had been in reaching an agreement,” Qatar’s foreign ministry spokesperson Majed al-Ansari said. (11:15 GMT)

The Hamas resistance group is currently holding about 240 prisoners, captured on October 7th for the purpose of a prisoner swap. Israel currently holds 7,000 Palestinians as political prisoners, and has agreed to such a swap in the past.

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Palestinian prisoners: At least 8,000 Palestinians in Israeli custody. More than 3,000 Palestinians, including dozens of children, have been arrested in the occupied West Bank since the war broke out on October 7. Prisoners include at least 95 women and 37 journalists. There are currently more than 200 children held in Israeli prisons, including 26 held without charge or trial. (07:40 GMT)

Israel expected to follow the law: US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has said that Washington expects Israel to follow the law of armed conflict and take account of civilians during its war in Gaza. 01:45 GMT) He said,

We have said every step of the way that our expectation is that the Israelis conduct their operations in accordance with the law of armed conflict.

And we have made sure that we continue to emphasize to the Israelis that they must account for civilians in the battle space. And not only that, but they must do everything – or should do everything that they can to get humanitarian assistance in to the people in Gaza.

Congressional calls for ceasefire: US Senator Jeff Merkley has joined his fellow Democrat Richard Durbin in calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, becoming only the second legislator in the 100-member US Senate to do so. (00:02 GMT)

Aid from France: France has sent helicopter carrier Dixmude, which will arrive in Egypt in the coming days, video from the French armed forces shows. It also dispatched a military Airbus A400 with more than 10 tonnes of medical supplies and will contribute to European Union medical aid flights on November 23 and 30.

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Israeli deaths: The Israeli military has identified two more soldiers killed in the fighting in the Gaza Strip. At least 68 Israeli soldiers have now been killed since ground operations began in Gaza.

Israeli friendly fire: The Israeli army today revealed that since the beginning of the ground attack, there have been several cases in which soldiers were killed by friendly fire. Most of these “friendly fire” incidents occurred during joint combat between armored and infantry forces. The military said it is learning lessons, including that every force entering the building must specify its position inside the building, and that tanks must take more caution when firing at buildings.

Israel wants an apology: An Israeli army spokesman has asked the BBC to apologize for questioning the army’s “evidence” of a Hamas presence at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza. Jeremy Bowen questioned the evidence presented that Al-Shifa Hospital had been used as Hamas’ “headquarters”.  He also criticized the army’s restrictions on foreign journalists, saying that “there is no independent scrutiny inside the hospital; journalists cannot move freely into Gaza, and any who are reporting from the site are working under the aegis of the Israeli military.” The BBC has reported that Israeli occupation forces have tampered with alleged “evidence” at Al-Shifa before allowing reporters to enter.

How will Israel pay for war? In order to reallocate funds to support Israel’s aggression on Gaza, Israeli Finance Ministry employees have recommended shutting several ministries, including the Diaspora Affairs Ministry, as well as the Ministries of Jerusalem Affairs, Heritage, Settlement and National Missions, Regional Cooperation, and Social Equality. Since 7 October, Jewish Federations of North America have raised $638 million. The Israeli army also held a ‘fundraiser’ in the US and raised nearly $10 million. Earlier this month, the Calcalist financial newspaper reported that the cost of Israel’s attack on Gaza will cost $51 billion.

The firing of rockets by Palestinian armed groups towards Israeli population centres has continued over the past 24 hours, with no reported fatalities. (Information on rocket attacks is here.) It appears that the last time a rocket killed an Israeli was October 7-8, as reported by Ha’aretz and the Times of Israel. 15 Israelis were killed – 10 of them Palestinian Israelis who reportedly had no access to bomb shelters.  Rockets have killed a total of 45 people over the 22 years they’ve been fired.



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