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Toys, spices, sewing machines: the items Israel banned from entering Gaza

Israel had already been limiting the movement of goods and people between Gaza and the West Bank at least since the early 1990s. In 2006, after Hamas won 74 out of 132 seats in the Palestinian legislative elections, Israel escalated its blockade.

Gazans used as human shields, subjected to cruel new types of torture – Day 268

Israel’s inhumane practices toward Gazan prisoners & civilians; hospitals about to shut down for lack of fuel; such Israeli restrictions long predate Oct. 7- see this 2006 video; Ben-Gvir calls for Palestinian prisoners to be starved, then shot in the head; new racist bill making its way through Israeli legislature; female prisoners mistreated; West Bank assassination; more.

Israeli documents show expansive government effort to shape US discourse around Gaza war

As the Gaza war rages, Israeli funds target US college campuses and push to redefine antisemitism in US law – part of a sometimes covert operation by the Israeli government to strike back at student protests, human rights organizations and other voices of dissent.

Biden policies: Rudderless, incompetent and complicit

Washington’s diplomacy on Gaza is held hostage by a domestic political narrative on Palestine that has long been divorced from reality and reason… Countries around the world no longer look to the US as a responsible actor…