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Gazans used as human shields, subjected to cruel new types of torture – Day 268

Israel’s inhumane practices toward Gazan prisoners & civilians; hospitals about to shut down for lack of fuel; such Israeli restrictions long predate Oct. 7- see this 2006 video; Ben-Gvir calls for Palestinian prisoners to be starved, then shot in the head; new racist bill making its way through Israeli legislature; female prisoners mistreated; West Bank assassination; more.

Israeli-imposed mass starvation, airstrikes continue to kill in Gaza – Day 260

Another child dies of malnutrition; dozens killed by Israeli airstrikes; US-built pier malfunctions; West Bank youth dies after soldiers shot him in stomach; Palestinian used as human shield; 2 US servicemen seek CO status over support of Israel; Military expert says US seen as taking orders from Netanyahu: Hind Rajab investigation; Cuba joins ICJ genocide case, more.

Biden announces: $26B in US tax money to Israel will “make the world safer” – Day 201

Biden signs over more aid to Israel, as its military may be using internationally banned weapons, burying civilians alive, killing another journalist, enabling famine and disease, and preparing to invade the most densely populated region of the world; meanwhile, teenager killed in West Bank, Turkiye is being pressured to stop a massive aid shipment from sailing to Gaza; meanwhile, college campuses’ growing outcry against the genocide in Gaza, and more