Toys, spices, sewing machines: the items Israel banned from entering Gaza

Israel had already been limiting the movement of goods and people between Gaza and the West Bank at least since the early 1990s. In 2006, after Hamas won 74 out of 132 seats in the Palestinian legislative elections, Israel escalated its blockade.

Israel attacks Gaza, Yemen, Lebanon with US, NATO weapons – Day 287

Baby born after mother killed in Gaza; Israeli raids in West Bank tripled; Palestinians at the Olympics; Israel gets weapons from countries that have officially halted arms sales; Israel bombs Lebanon, Yemen; Israel’s privileged soldiers will be vaccinated against polio, as Gazans remain at risk; Netanyahu’s intransigent response to ICJ; UK minister calls out pro-Israel lobby; how much aid has the US given Israel since October 7th?; Biden’s withdrawal may be linked to Netanyahu’s visit; Germany criticizes Israel’s opposition to Palestinian state; more.

ICJ ruling offers some vindication after 76 years of Palestinian struggle; Israeli strikes keep killing Gazans – Day 286

Int’l Court of Justice deals a severe blow to Israel; at least 50 killed in Gaza; Israel’s killing of Hind Rajab a war crime; West Bank deaths; Yemeni drone hits Tel Aviv; Eilat Port in Israel declares bankruptcy; calls for Israel to be “unseated” from UN; 200 Congress staffers call for boycott of Netanyahu speech; more.

New worries as polio virus detected in Gaza sewage – Day 285

Polio risk added to long list of crises in Gaza; Amnesty speaks out on Israeli torture, Oxfam speaks out on Israeli water weaponization; LA may hire ex-IDF soldiers to patrol streets; 1,000+ attacks on Palestinian healthcare; Ben Gvir’s provocative prayer visit to Al Aqsa; Netanyahu nixes children’s hospital for Gaza kids; ICC arrest warrants expected soon; Republican and Democratic parties scramble to ingratiate with Israel; much more.

Israel has killed over 2,500 Palestinians every month since ICJ ruling – Day 284

ICJ genocide ruling apparently meaningless to Israel, as Palestinian deaths, torture continue apace; Gaza pier debacle comes to an end; water crisis for Palestinian residents of Jerusalem; Israel demolishes high number of West Bank structures; Netanyahu says No to October 7th investigation; Israeli gov’t continues racist, anti-free speech actions; US sanctions one Israeli soldier for years-old crime; more.

Israel commits three massacres in less than one hour; a survivor says, “We are killed by American missiles” – Day 283

With US complicity, Israeli attacks continue unabated; another Palestinian journalist killed; Gazan man with Down Syndrome attacked by Israeli military dog, left to die; Smotrich demands blatant disregard for Int’l Court of Justice ruling – if it does not favor Israel; tax deductible support in US for Israeli groups that block humanitarian aid to Gaza; US has been making secret flights to Israel; US court lets Biden off the hook in Gaza genocide; more.