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New worries as polio virus detected in Gaza sewage – Day 285

Polio risk added to long list of crises in Gaza; Amnesty speaks out on Israeli torture, Oxfam speaks out on Israeli water weaponization; LA may hire ex-IDF soldiers to patrol streets; 1,000+ attacks on Palestinian healthcare; Ben Gvir’s provocative prayer visit to Al Aqsa; Netanyahu nixes children’s hospital for Gaza kids; ICC arrest warrants expected soon; Republican and Democratic parties scramble to ingratiate with Israel; much more.

Israel has killed over 2,500 Palestinians every month since ICJ ruling – Day 284

ICJ genocide ruling apparently meaningless to Israel, as Palestinian deaths, torture continue apace; Gaza pier debacle comes to an end; water crisis for Palestinian residents of Jerusalem; Israel demolishes high number of West Bank structures; Netanyahu says No to October 7th investigation; Israeli gov’t continues racist, anti-free speech actions; US sanctions one Israeli soldier for years-old crime; more.

Two horrific Israeli massacres leave over 110 Palestinians dead – Day 280

Netanyahu alone is calling the shots as Israel’s massacre of 90 Palestinians in Mawasi camp misses Hamas target, but kills ceasefire talks; massive bombs may have been US-made; US Defense Sec’y stands by Israel’s decision to attack; UN special rapporteur says attack was a violation of int’l law; a separate attack in Shati refugee camp kills 20; Palestinian journalist killed; unimaginable humanitarian crisis; dangerous situation in West Bank; more.

Israel orders complete evacuation of Gaza’s largest city; streets are strewn with bodies – Day 277

Devastation and death in Gaza City; Israeli soldiers reportedly allowed to do whatever they want; calls for investigation of Israeli soldiers’ behavior; from bodybuilder to feeble and frightened – one prisoner’s story; Israel bulldozes cemetery; Netanyahu trip to US planned to avoid stops where he could be arrested; US: 500-lb bombs ok; 2000-lb bombs not yet; more.

Israel issues relentless evacuations, creates endless medical crises – Day 275

Near zero medical services in Gaza City; malnutrition & cancer deaths, risks to lives of babies – as aid trucks sit at the border; Gaza death toll likely far larger than reported; released Palestinian prisoners found dead; Israel reportedly allows shooting free-for-all; accusations that Netanyahu is actively thwarting ceasefire deal; more.

Growing evidence of inhumane Israeli prison conditions, as one Palestinian detainee dies – Day 272

No respite for weary, starving Gazans; a released prisoner reports inhumane conditions, another prisoner dies in custody; a possible glimmer of hope in ceasefire talks; Israeli forces kill at least 6 Palestinians in Jenin; uncommitted US voters prioritize Gaza; more.

Starvation deepens as Israel makes excuses, US and Germany provide cover – Day 263

Another child dies of malnutrition as 96% of Gazans face severe food insecurity; dozens killed in Israeli attacks; ten child leg amputations a day; medicine running out; Israeli military dog attacks Gazan woman; former Shin Bet leader calls for end to the occupation, criticizes Netanyahu on CNN; Jeffrey Epstein boasted about being a Mossad agent; 43 Jewish groups pressure Wikipedia; Israel lies about Hind Rajab, 6; Israeli reservist refusers; Netanyahu sweetens deal for reservists; more.

Israel perpetrates atrocity upon atrocity against the people of Gaza – Day 256

Israeli atrocities multiply as Gaza’s social fabric unravels; Netanyahu demands more US weapons; Wikipedia bans ADL as “unreliable on Israel and antisemitism”; “failing” Gaza pier will reopen, but its days are numbered; Israeli army kills again in West Bank; Wasserman Schultz claims she saw non-existent video…

Palestinians show steadfastness on Eid amid violence, grieving, death – Day 254

Beatings in Jerusalem; bombs, prayers, and gravesite visits in Gaza; Netanyahu doesn’t want humanitarian pauses; 7-year-old detained in West Bank; Israel’s record-high weapons sales; freed Israeli hostage looks well cared-for; Israeli former legislator invokes Hitler; Israel lobby tidbits; more

Gazans struggle to celebrate on Eid, as war rages on – Day 253

No water, no food on Islam’s high holiday; Israel claims more aid is coming; Israel’s air war in West Bank is killing children; extremist Israeli settlers set their sights on south Lebanon; Candace Owens & Briahna Joy Gray say criticism of Israel is media “red line”; more