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Israel closes Gaza crossings; possible serious deterioration of humanitarian conditions

Closure of the crossings would affect fuel supplies, power plants, and access to drinking water and medicine. Should the complete closure of Gaza by Israel continue, this would exacerbate the already grim living and humanitarian conditions of more than two million Palestinian living in the Strip.

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza continue, hundreds now homeless

Israel’s ongoing attacks on Gaza on are the worst the enclave has seen since 2014, when Israeli forces killed 2,200 Palestinians, and Palestinian resistance fighters killed 72 Israelis. One recent Israeli strike alone made about 80 families homeless. As the deaths, injuries, and damage climb, Palestinian resistance groups launch rockets into Israel. 

Israeli authorities arrest cancer patient traveling to hospital

Israel arrests Palestinian cancer patient at the crossing from Gaza into Israel, even though he had a travel permit. Israeli authorities continue to use the crossing as a means of entrapment and attempted coercion of Palestinians residing in Gaza, particularly of those in urgent need of medical exit permits, which are only granted for pressing humanitarian needs…