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Palestinian media have posted a video reportedly showing Israeli soldiers beating Palestinian workers on their way to work in Israel earlier this week. According to a 21-year-old victim, the video only shows a little of the beating, which went on for an hour. The coronavirus outbreak had worsened the already bad economic situation, forcing many young people to go to work inside Israel. The Israeli soldiers also stole the workers’ money…

Israel shoots 100 people, Washington Post calls the area ‘quiet’

Alison Weir reports: The Post says there had been “weeks of relative quiet,” even though Israeli soldiers had shot over 100 Palestinian civilians, killing four of them; conducted 400+ invasions of the Palestinian Territories; abducted dozens of Palestinians; perpetrated air strikes on Gaza; shot at fishermen and farmers; demolished Palestinian homes; tortured a Palestinian mother; and shot a small boy in the eye… Are Post Editor Marty Baron and reporter Ruth Eglash too close to Israel to report the full, unfiltered news?

No Accident: Israel Targets Gazan Protestors’ Eyes

Israeli snipers targeting participants in Gaza’s weekly Great Return March protests have aimed for the legs—and eyes. To date, Gaza’s Ministry of Health reports that 50 protesters have been shot in the eye since the demonstrations began March 30, 2018—leaving them permanently blind.