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“This morning is one of the darkest in this 7-month-long nightmare,” “The Israeli occupation has sentenced the residents of the Strip to death” – Day 213

Terror in Rafah as Israeli troops move in – in spite of Hamas’ agreement to ceasefire deal; 600,000 children at risk; Israel’s evacuation plan for Rafah does not meet with US approval, and may be a violation of int’l law; Netanyahu is on the hook for ceasefire decision and leaked “top secret” letter from 2018; UN experts on sexual assault of Palestinians; Republican senators threaten ICC prosecutor; campus protest and Freedom Flotilla news, more

Netanyahu’s pledge to attack Rafah; NY Times report questioned again – Day 207

Netanyahu will invade Rafah regardless of prisoner deal; profs tell NY Times to review Oct. 7 report; 10,000 decomposing bodies in Gaza; reports of Israeli plan to prevent men from fleeing Rafah; humanitarian aid still dismally low; disturbing campus protest news

Are Israel, Hamas getting closer to a truce? – Day 205

Israeli leaders nervously await arrest warrants; Leaked Columbia Univ document reveals discriminatory policies for Tel Aviv program; Orthodox Palm Sunday; Israel puts young Christian woman in prison for 4 months (renewable), no charges; World Central Kitchen has returned; Biden ignores Gaza in Correspondents’ Dinner speech…

Nationwide, Palestine supporters demand their free speech rights – Day 204

Protests and repression throughout the US; Israeli airstrike kills family members of revered poet; more UNRWA cases closed; Palestinians to be represented in Olympics; ceasefire talks; Gaza water crisis; State Dept memo: Israel may be violating int’l law; Biden snubs Muslim American voters…

US backs down on plan to sanction Israeli battalion, in spite of US law – Day 203

US won’t follow through on sanctions on IDF units; Netanyahu calls for crackdown on American students; Emory president defends police violently arresting female prof who tried to stop police beating students; Gazan dead show signs of possible organ theft; Israeli police arrest rabbis marching to Gaza; Israel gives Hamas a “last chance” before Rafah invasion; UNRWA employee case closed; Freedom Flotilla…

Final count: bodies of 392 Gazan Palestinians discovered in mass graves – Day 202

Gruesome discoveries on Gaza hospital grounds; Israeli strike kills Belgian aid worker & son, 7; premature baby girl has died; another US State Dept employee resigns; military-industrial complex profits from weapon sales to Israel; “Biden has betrayed the soul of our nation”; Freedom Flotilla: Israel plays dirty (again); nonviolent campus protests spread, met with violence

US Congress just approved billions more in military aid to Israel, as Gazans die – Day 200

More weapons to Israel as it plans a potentially genocidal invasion (that US opposes); aid orgs shocked by the recklessness of the plan; Israel holds highest ever number of Palestinians in administrative detention – no charges, no trial; Israel reportedly about to invade Beit Lahiya, denies burying Gazans in mass graves; Israeli forces kill Palestinian woman near Hebron; Google fires more employees over its provision of tech to Israeli gov’t; updates on Freedom Flotilla, campus protests, more

UNICEF: one child in Gaza is killed or injured every ten minutes – Day 196

The plight of children in Gaza; waste crisis, water crisis, respiratory illnesses plague Gaza; 2024 Freedom Flotilla participants assemble; massive Israeli raid in Tulkarem’s Nur Shams camp with multiple deaths; House passes bill that includes $13B aid package to Israel; more