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Nationwide, Palestine supporters demand their free speech rights – Day 204

Protests and repression throughout the US; Israeli airstrike kills family members of revered poet; more UNRWA cases closed; Palestinians to be represented in Olympics; ceasefire talks; Gaza water crisis; State Dept memo: Israel may be violating int’l law; Biden snubs Muslim American voters…

Israel was one of the world’s leading jailers of journalists in 2023 – Day 104

Israel kills yet another journalist, destroys yet another university; Bosnian genocide survivors take up Gaza cause at ICJ; communication still down in Gaza after almost a week; deadly raids in West Bank kill 11; calls to ban Israel from the Olympics; Houthis’ message goes unheard by US; Ben Gvir declares open season on Palestinian “terrorists”; Biden, Netanyahu can’t agree on a Gaza plan; and more

Boycotting Russia is compulsory, while boycotting Israel is punished

Boycotting a country accused of aggression in violation of international law is suddenly a moral obligation – but apparently only as long as it is Russia. Many of the anti-Russia measures are being implemented by the very same organizations that repeatedly ignored or rejected Palestinian calls to sanction Israel, their oppressor.