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Israel orders complete evacuation of Gaza’s largest city; streets are strewn with bodies – Day 277

Devastation and death in Gaza City; Israeli soldiers reportedly allowed to do whatever they want; calls for investigation of Israeli soldiers’ behavior; from bodybuilder to feeble and frightened – one prisoner’s story; Israel bulldozes cemetery; Netanyahu trip to US planned to avoid stops where he could be arrested; US: 500-lb bombs ok; 2000-lb bombs not yet; more.

In Rafah, 83% of refugees report no access to food – Day 265

Yet another malnutrition death; Gazans surrounded by sewage, garbage, insects; starvation setting in; out of 10,000+ medical evacuations needed, 19 permitted to leave; Gaza’s ambulance rescue service about to stop due to lack of fuel; Biden admin about to release part of suspended bomb shipment; Israeli soldiers’ actions; Congress votes to conceal Gaza death toll; much more.

US Congress just approved billions more in military aid to Israel, as Gazans die – Day 200

More weapons to Israel as it plans a potentially genocidal invasion (that US opposes); aid orgs shocked by the recklessness of the plan; Israel holds highest ever number of Palestinians in administrative detention – no charges, no trial; Israel reportedly about to invade Beit Lahiya, denies burying Gazans in mass graves; Israeli forces kill Palestinian woman near Hebron; Google fires more employees over its provision of tech to Israeli gov’t; updates on Freedom Flotilla, campus protests, more

Israeli strike kills American & aid workers with US charity from all over the world, and other atrocities – Day 178

US citizen & 6 other US nonprofit aid workers killed by Israel; nothing left of Al Shifa Hospital but debris & horror stories; journalist, West Banker killed; Rafah; Biden mulls $18 billion weapons transfer to Israel; new Israeli law targets Al Jazeera for shut-down; Israel bombs Iranian embassy in Syria, killing 7; Israeli land grab; Spain to recognize Palestine

“Doctors are stepping over bodies of dead children to treat other children who will die anyway” –Day 73

Sanders resolution could begin the march toward accountability in Israel; devastating Gaza hospital news; another journalist killed; what really happened on October 7th – in Israelis’ words; widespread starvation; blood money for Israel, and more

National Review article misinforms readers on Israel

A detailed annotation of the errors and omissions that mislead readers on a profoundly important issue…including little-known information about Presidents Eisenhower, Reagan, and Bush Sr., who each had moments of clarity on this issue, and called out Israel for its abuses.

Top Hollywood producers worked with Israel to defend its war crimes

For years, Hollywood bigwigs have been using their outsized influence to keep the facts about Israel’s violent occupation hidden behind a veneer of victimhood. They have framed Israeli brutality as ‘self-defense,’ while demonizing pro-justice entertainers and the peaceful Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement.