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Iranian attack was a measured response to Israel’s assault – Chas Freeman

The Iranian attack was a response to Israel’s assault on its embassy, a breach of the ancient norms of international relations, the UN Charter, & the Vienna Convention. Iran’s counterattack targeted facilities in the sparsely populated Negev Desert, which were directly involved in the Israeli breach of international law. Iran cited the UN Charter’s right of self-defense in mounting its attack

Israeli strike kills American & aid workers with US charity from all over the world, and other atrocities – Day 178

US citizen & 6 other US nonprofit aid workers killed by Israel; nothing left of Al Shifa Hospital but debris & horror stories; journalist, West Banker killed; Rafah; Biden mulls $18 billion weapons transfer to Israel; new Israeli law targets Al Jazeera for shut-down; Israel bombs Iranian embassy in Syria, killing 7; Israeli land grab; Spain to recognize Palestine