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30 handcuffed, blindfolded Gazans found in body bags – Day 116

Apparent mass execution of Gazan men; triple assassination of Palestinians in Jenin hospital; NYTimes caught red-handed; Israel ignores ICJ ruling; the neglected residents of northern Gaza; Israel says No to early openings of aid checkpoints; pregnant Gazan women grossly underserved; disturbing uptick in detention, torture of Gazan men; drone footage confirms massive devastation; Israeli and US reactions to Jenin assassinations; Canada pledges humanitarian funding, but not to UNRWA; speaker of Knesset coming to Congress; Harvard sued for non-protection of Palestinian students

Death, destruction in Gaza “unprecedented and unbearable to witness” – Day 69

Gaza hospitals in crisis amid devastation, journalists at risk; Jenin in shambles; Israeli forces brutally attack CNN photojournalist on camera; Israel says “intense phase” of war to last till end of January; Taylor Swift, Santa Claus, Ilan Pappe harassed; Jewish Voice for Peace stops traffic all over the US on last night of Hanukkah

“The international community is failing Gaza” – Day 68

Israeli soldiers cut off food to newborns; Gaza humanitarian crisis worsens; 3-day siege on Jenin ends with 12 Palestinians dead; more Americans protest Biden policy, more punished for Palestine support; Jewish teacher in Georgia says he will behead student over her statement about Israeli flag…

Apparent mass execution of Gazan women, children, babies – Day 67

Disease, heavy rains, hospitals under siege, apparent mass executions, tunnels being flooded in Gaza; days-long siege of Jenin, 7 killed; widespread prisoner abuse by Israel; Israel will continue “with or without int’l support,” war may spread to West Bank; pope, UN General Assembly overwhelmingly support ceasefire; Biden has mixed messages for Israel.

National Review article misinforms readers on Israel

A detailed annotation of the errors and omissions that mislead readers on a profoundly important issue…including little-known information about Presidents Eisenhower, Reagan, and Bush Sr., who each had moments of clarity on this issue, and called out Israel for its abuses.

Thousands flee Israel’s biggest West Bank military operation in decades

At least 10 Palestinians, including three children, have been killed & over 100 injured during Israel’s operation in Jenin refugee camp which started with a drone strike on Monday. Israeli military bulldozers destroyed key roads stopping ambulances from entering the camp, which has lost access to drinking water, electricity and in some areas some food supplies…