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Gaza’s Stolen Healers: Hundreds of Palestinian Doctors Disappeared Into Israeli Detention

According to the World Health Organization, at least 214 medical staff from Gaza have been detained by the Israeli military since October 7th. In early May, when Israeli authorities announced the death of well-known surgeon Adnan Al-Bursh, the world began to learn about the detention and alleged torture of Gazan medical professionals. 

Medical Workers Evacuated from Gaza, But 3 Americans Refuse To Leave

Citing “American values,” health care workers vow to stay in Gaza until Israel stops blocking entry of new medical personnel. One was the doctor who treated now-Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., when her helicopter was shot down in Iraq. Duckworth credits him for saving her life…

More hospital invasions, massacres, rape – and UNRWA banned in north – Day 170

Now 3 hospitals in Gaza under siege, horrific stories coming out; Israel bans all UNRWA aid deliveries in northern Gaza, as famine draws closer; sexual violence against Gazan women is underreported, say UN rapporteurs; yet another flour massacre kills at least 20; NGOs pressure Biden admin to honestly engage with Israel on compliance with int’l law; Palestinian children in prison; Kamal implies consequences are a possibility if Israel attacks Rafah

“Doctors are stepping over bodies of dead children to treat other children who will die anyway” –Day 73

Sanders resolution could begin the march toward accountability in Israel; devastating Gaza hospital news; another journalist killed; what really happened on October 7th – in Israelis’ words; widespread starvation; blood money for Israel, and more