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US backs down on plan to sanction Israeli battalion, in spite of US law – Day 203

US won’t follow through on sanctions on IDF units; Netanyahu calls for crackdown on American students; Emory president defends police violently arresting female prof who tried to stop police beating students; Gazan dead show signs of possible organ theft; Israeli police arrest rabbis marching to Gaza; Israel gives Hamas a “last chance” before Rafah invasion; UNRWA employee case closed; Freedom Flotilla…

Final count: bodies of 392 Gazan Palestinians discovered in mass graves – Day 202

Gruesome discoveries on Gaza hospital grounds; Israeli strike kills Belgian aid worker & son, 7; premature baby girl has died; another US State Dept employee resigns; military-industrial complex profits from weapon sales to Israel; “Biden has betrayed the soul of our nation”; Freedom Flotilla: Israel plays dirty (again); nonviolent campus protests spread, met with violence