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Israel vows to improve safety for aid workers, then kills 4 aid workers; uses horrific shrapnel-producing weapons against children – Day 278

Israeli-made shrapnel weapons “designed to maximize casualties”; how NOT to improve safety for aid workers; Israeli snipers target Palestinians as they flee; unbelievable destruction in Gaza City, signs of illegal buffer zone; Khan Younis reduced to “sand and rubble”; Israel proceeds with West Bank illegal annexation; Gaza pier to be dismantled after 20 operational days; more.

‘Our Future Was Here’: Christians in Gaza

Like all Palestinians in Gaza, hundreds of Christians living in the Strip found themselves with nowhere to hide once the war with Israel began after October 7, Israeli forces often targeting churches…

13,000+ Gazans killed since US vetoed last ceasefire; another veto expected this week – Day 135

UN Security Council to vote on ceasefire; Israeli snipers fire on Gazans congregating for food aid; hospital sinking deeper; Pope declines to pray for Israel; Israel plans 4-hour pauses in fighting so Gazans can stock up on food – but there isn’t any; Israel’s cabinet refuses a Palestinian state; ICJ case starts on Israeli occupation; estimate of how many Hamas fighters have been killed; plans to limit Muslim attendance at Al Aqsa Mosque; record hunger levels in Gaza…

Israeli forces killed 2nd American citizen in West Bank in under a month – Day 130

Israel kills another US teen; Biden steady in support for Israel, regardless of Rafah outcome; Israel ravages hospital; blocks flour for Gaza in spite of promise to US; Israeli snipers kill Palestinians searching for internet signal; ; 2 journalists targeted in direct strike by Israeli drone; Palestinians arrested by Israel surpasses 7,000 since Oct 7; South Africa calls on ICJ to stop Israel’s planned attack on Rafah; UN special adviser on preventing genocide won’t say “genocide” for Gaza; updates on aid to Israel bill

6-year-old Hind never stood a chance – Day 126

Israeli forces killed 6-yr-old Hind Rajab & her rescuers; Israeli snipers are killing dozens; Israeli military arrests Canadian citizens; West Bank death; Netanyahu orders Rafah attack plan that includes evacuation; Israelis block humanitaruan aid to Gaza; memo from Biden demands accountability for allies receiving military aid; Meta considering censoring posts containing the word “Zionist”