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Israel vows to improve safety for aid workers, then kills 4 aid workers; uses horrific shrapnel-producing weapons against children – Day 278

Israeli-made shrapnel weapons “designed to maximize casualties”; how NOT to improve safety for aid workers; Israeli snipers target Palestinians as they flee; unbelievable destruction in Gaza City, signs of illegal buffer zone; Khan Younis reduced to “sand and rubble”; Israel proceeds with West Bank illegal annexation; Gaza pier to be dismantled after 20 operational days; more.

Israel issues relentless evacuations, creates endless medical crises – Day 275

Near zero medical services in Gaza City; malnutrition & cancer deaths, risks to lives of babies – as aid trucks sit at the border; Gaza death toll likely far larger than reported; released Palestinian prisoners found dead; Israel reportedly allows shooting free-for-all; accusations that Netanyahu is actively thwarting ceasefire deal; more.

Israeli settler attacks surpass 1,000, as massacres in Gaza continue – Day 274

Israel perpetrates a staggering number of massacres in Gaza; Lancet: direct & indirect deaths in Gaza could be 186K; in Gaza City, Israel attacks alleged “safe zone”;
Rupert Murdoch: Israel’s Most Powerful Supporter; high-ranking Gazan official targeted; ceasefire wording games; Hamas recruitment; 1,000 Israeli settler attacks since October 7th; West Bank death; Gaza pier debacle; more.