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Invading Israeli forces kill 4 Palestinians including young woman

A 26-year-old Palestinian woman was shot in the chest, and 3 Palestinian men were killed in a massive invasion by Israeli forces. In both cases, paramedics were blocked from assisting the injured. (Israelis have now killed 108 Palestinians in 2023, including 19 minors; in response, Palestinians have killed under 20 Israelis, including 4 minors.)

Israel kills 11 Palestinians in daytime raid on Nablus

Israeli forces targeted three Palestinian resistance activists in a massive assault in downtown Nablus, but managed to kill at least eight others as well, including a youth. Over 100 Palestinians were injured, many by live ammunition, others by an Israeli army jeep that rammed into a crowd. Israeli soldiers also blocked paramedics and damaged ambulances. 

Invading Israeli forces kill 16-year-old protester, injure 32 in Nablus

Dozens of Israeli military vehicles invaded the West Bank city of Nablus, soldiers then shot protesters, including Ahmad Amjad Shehada, 16, with a bullet to the heart. Israeli forces have killed about 200 Palestinians this year, including 57 children… A few hours later an Israeli teen was also killed, bringing the total of Israelis killed in 2022 to 26