Israel To Continue Assassinations In West Bank

Israel To Continue Assassinations In West Bank

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An Israeli report revealed that the military and security leaderships in the country have decided to alter their operations strategies by resuming the assassinations of Palestinian resistance fighters in several parts of the occupied West Bank, especially in Nablus.

On Sunday morning, a Palestinian resistance fighter and a prominent member of the Lions’ Den in Nablus, in the northern West Bank, Tamer Zeid al-Kilani, 33, was assassinated by an explosive charge in a motorcycle.

While Israel has not officially declared it was behind his death, a report by Israel’s Channel 12 stated that the method of assassination is that of the Israeli Security Agency – Shabak, and added that this indicates a shift in Israel’s policies in dealing with Palestinian fighters after Israel ceased the targeted killings of Palestinian fighters and political leaders in the West Bank, more than fifteen years ago.

Furthermore, Israel’s Prime Minister and the Defense Minister have approved a recommendation by the Shabak in the methods used to counter and try to eliminate “Lion’s Den” fighters.

The Israeli report also revealed that Israel’s military leadership believes that there is a need for more assassinations, especially in Nablus.

Various Israeli reports revealed that the Shabak head provided his recommendations to the political leadership in the country to conduct more assassinations against Lions’ Den fighters, likely in the coming few days.

Also, Israel decided to increase the security alert levels and readiness, anticipating retaliatory attacks, especially after the assassination of Al-Kilani.

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