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Israeli forces kill two more Palestinian teens

In what has become entirely too common, Israeli soldiers have killed two more young Palestinians. The soldiers also shot at paramedics. Israeli forces have killed 117 Palestinians in the past six months, while 8 Israelis have died. The Palestinian death toll in the West Bank is already the highest on record in a single year since 2015.

Invading Israeli soldiers kill one Palestinian, injure two near Nablus

21-year-old Alaa Nasser Ahmed Zaghal was shot dead by a bullet to the head. As Israeli soldiers tried to flush out a different person taking cover inside a house, they also shot others in the area – including journalists. More than 165 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire this year: 51 in the Gaza Strip and at least 110 in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. 18 Israelis have also died.

Israeli Soldiers Kill Four, Injure Forty-Four Palestinians, In Jenin

In Jenin on Wednesday, Israeli soldiers targeted not just resistance fighters, but also reporters, ambulances, and medics. Nearby schools – including a kindergarten – were under threat, and Palestinians protesting this brutality were assaulted.

This is not an isolated Israeli attack, nor is it a mere retaliation for the killing of an Israeli soldier. This is a military superpower prohibiting legal resistance and protest against its illegal occupation. Some in Israeli media have surmised that israel is purposely provoking another intifada (uprising). The Palestinian death toll this month alone is now up to 18 (1 Israeli is also dead.).