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Israeli forces kill two more Palestinian teens

In what has become entirely too common, Israeli soldiers have killed two more young Palestinians. The soldiers also shot at paramedics. Israeli forces have killed 117 Palestinians in the past six months, while 8 Israelis have died. The Palestinian death toll in the West Bank is already the highest on record in a single year since 2015.

Invading Israeli soldiers kill one Palestinian, injure two near Nablus

21-year-old Alaa Nasser Ahmed Zaghal was shot dead by a bullet to the head. As Israeli soldiers tried to flush out a different person taking cover inside a house, they also shot others in the area – including journalists. More than 165 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire this year: 51 in the Gaza Strip and at least 110 in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. 18 Israelis have also died.

Israeli soldiers kill three Palestinians in two days

Twenty-two Palestinians have been killed since the beginning of September (six of them under 20 years old); one Israeli soldier has also been killed. As is often the case with Palestinians shot by Israel, two of these latest victims were denied medical assistance, and their bodies are being withheld.

‘You Accuse Us of Being Terrorists. What Do You Expect of Us, When You Come to the Village to Kill?’

A visit to a West Bank ‘terrorist village,’ where the family of Uday Salah is in mourning. The teen was shot to death by an Israeli sniper during a nighttime army raid, after the killing of an Israeli officer, allegedly by someone in the town.