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Gaza holds its breath over possible ceasefire, invasion, or both – Day 210

Israel’s ultimatum; leaked ceasefire details; aid drop malfunction results in Palestinian deaths; Rafah’s 600,000 children at risk; no detailed evacuation plan; Israeli human rights groups take Israeli gov’t to court over aid delivery failure; Israeli attack on West Bank leaves 6 Palestinians dead; Orthodox Easter weekend restrictions; House Dems pressure Biden to halt weapons sales; campus protest news, more

Israeli cruelty reaches new low; United Methodists divest from Israel – Day 209

Israel booby-traps food, snipes at aid-seekers (again), withholds bodies of Palestinians who died in inhumane prison conditions, threatens PA over ICC possible arrest warrants; antisemitism bill offers Israel impunity; United Methodists divest; World Press Freedom Day honors Palestinian journalists; Turkey breaks trade relations with Israel; Biden speech throws pro-Palestine protesters under the bus; protests spread across the globe; former CIA officer “welcomes the student rebellion against Israeli atrocities”

Debris undoubtedly hides booby traps, unexploded ordnance, asbestos – Day 208

Danger in the debris; humanitarian aid entering Gaza still very low; Blinken pressures Hamas to accept truce proposal; hundreds of Gazans missing in Israel; will Knesset shutter Al Jazeera?; Netanyahu doesn’t want war to end; Israelis attack aid convoy; 2 Palestinian prisoners including a doctor die behind bars; up to 80 years to repair Gaza homes; threat of ICC arrest warrants has Israel, US worried; another pro-Israel bill in Congress; campus repression of pro-Palestine protests intensifies

Netanyahu’s pledge to attack Rafah; NY Times report questioned again – Day 207

Netanyahu will invade Rafah regardless of prisoner deal; profs tell NY Times to review Oct. 7 report; 10,000 decomposing bodies in Gaza; reports of Israeli plan to prevent men from fleeing Rafah; humanitarian aid still dismally low; disturbing campus protest news

Are Israel, Hamas getting closer to a truce? – Day 205

Israeli leaders nervously await arrest warrants; Leaked Columbia Univ document reveals discriminatory policies for Tel Aviv program; Orthodox Palm Sunday; Israel puts young Christian woman in prison for 4 months (renewable), no charges; World Central Kitchen has returned; Biden ignores Gaza in Correspondents’ Dinner speech…

US backs down on plan to sanction Israeli battalion, in spite of US law – Day 203

US won’t follow through on sanctions on IDF units; Netanyahu calls for crackdown on American students; Emory president defends police violently arresting female prof who tried to stop police beating students; Gazan dead show signs of possible organ theft; Israeli police arrest rabbis marching to Gaza; Israel gives Hamas a “last chance” before Rafah invasion; UNRWA employee case closed; Freedom Flotilla…

Final count: bodies of 392 Gazan Palestinians discovered in mass graves – Day 202

Gruesome discoveries on Gaza hospital grounds; Israeli strike kills Belgian aid worker & son, 7; premature baby girl has died; another US State Dept employee resigns; military-industrial complex profits from weapon sales to Israel; “Biden has betrayed the soul of our nation”; Freedom Flotilla: Israel plays dirty (again); nonviolent campus protests spread, met with violence

Biden announces: $26B in US tax money to Israel will “make the world safer” – Day 201

Biden signs over more aid to Israel, as its military may be using internationally banned weapons, burying civilians alive, killing another journalist, enabling famine and disease, and preparing to invade the most densely populated region of the world; meanwhile, teenager killed in West Bank, Turkiye is being pressured to stop a massive aid shipment from sailing to Gaza; meanwhile, college campuses’ growing outcry against the genocide in Gaza, and more

US Congress just approved billions more in military aid to Israel, as Gazans die – Day 200

More weapons to Israel as it plans a potentially genocidal invasion (that US opposes); aid orgs shocked by the recklessness of the plan; Israel holds highest ever number of Palestinians in administrative detention – no charges, no trial; Israel reportedly about to invade Beit Lahiya, denies burying Gazans in mass graves; Israeli forces kill Palestinian woman near Hebron; Google fires more employees over its provision of tech to Israeli gov’t; updates on Freedom Flotilla, campus protests, more