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As Khan Younis empties, Netanyahu faces crisis after crisis of leadership – Day 270

With Khan Younis evacuation, 1.9 million Palestinians packed into middle area of Gaza; unexploded bombs; Hind’s father killed; West Bank deaths; Israeli prisons shockingly overcrowded, inhumane – Ben Gvir gives approval; Israeli troops tired, low on munitions, want truce – Netanyahu fumes; more incidents of Palestinians tied to hood of Israeli vehicles; another Biden appointee resigns, group statement from 12 fellow resignees; first-ever Knesset-House Parliamentary Friendship Group held inaugural mtg in Jerusalem with its American US Rep. David Kustoff; more.

Alarm over unexploded ordnance, depleted uranium in Gaza – Day 248

Gaza pier: futile – or worse?; Questions about Gazan journalist; Americans reject arming Israel; the dangers of unexploded ordnance & depleted uranium in Gaza; US’s support for a ceasefire; Israeli prisoners, like Gazans, are malnourished; Israeli forces kill 6 Palestinians in West Bank; more on Briahna Joy Gray firing…

Debris undoubtedly hides booby traps, unexploded ordnance, asbestos – Day 208

Danger in the debris; humanitarian aid entering Gaza still very low; Blinken pressures Hamas to accept truce proposal; hundreds of Gazans missing in Israel; will Knesset shutter Al Jazeera?; Netanyahu doesn’t want war to end; Israelis attack aid convoy; 2 Palestinian prisoners including a doctor die behind bars; up to 80 years to repair Gaza homes; threat of ICC arrest warrants has Israel, US worried; another pro-Israel bill in Congress; campus repression of pro-Palestine protests intensifies