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As Khan Younis empties, Netanyahu faces crisis after crisis of leadership – Day 270

With Khan Younis evacuation, 1.9 million Palestinians packed into middle area of Gaza; unexploded bombs; Hind’s father killed; West Bank deaths; Israeli prisons shockingly overcrowded, inhumane – Ben Gvir gives approval; Israeli troops tired, low on munitions, want truce – Netanyahu fumes; more incidents of Palestinians tied to hood of Israeli vehicles; another Biden appointee resigns, group statement from 12 fellow resignees; first-ever Knesset-House Parliamentary Friendship Group held inaugural mtg in Jerusalem with its American US Rep. David Kustoff; more.

Gaza peace talks have apparently reached a ‘dead end’ – Day 261

Israel rejects permanent ceasefire; war to go on, but “intense fighting” is ending; Israeli strikes kill 25 more Gazan civilians; Israeli soldier posed naked in Gaza; update on Israeli soldiers’ killing of Hind Rajab, 5; US military members say they can no longer be complicit in Israeli war crimes; children with disabilities suffer from Israeli targeting; Israel has arrested so many Palestinians there’s no room for more; US, Netanyahu disagree on level of US loyalty to Israel; EU leaders: crisis in Gaza has reached a breaking point; Hezbollah video shows Israeli security targets; more.