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‘Suffering horrifically’: 10 months of Israel’s ‘war on children’ in Gaza

One of the main victims of the ongoing assault on Gaza has been a group that is, by far, the most defenseless and further removed from all that is driving Israel’s campaign of death and destruction: children…

Starvation deepens as Israel makes excuses, US and Germany provide cover – Day 263

Another child dies of malnutrition as 96% of Gazans face severe food insecurity; dozens killed in Israeli attacks; ten child leg amputations a day; medicine running out; Israeli military dog attacks Gazan woman; former Shin Bet leader calls for end to the occupation, criticizes Netanyahu on CNN; Jeffrey Epstein boasted about being a Mossad agent; 43 Jewish groups pressure Wikipedia; Israel lies about Hind Rajab, 6; Israeli reservist refusers; Netanyahu sweetens deal for reservists; more.

Israeli-imposed mass starvation, airstrikes continue to kill in Gaza – Day 260

Another child dies of malnutrition; dozens killed by Israeli airstrikes; US-built pier malfunctions; West Bank youth dies after soldiers shot him in stomach; Palestinian used as human shield; 2 US servicemen seek CO status over support of Israel; Military expert says US seen as taking orders from Netanyahu: Hind Rajab investigation; Cuba joins ICJ genocide case, more.

Alarm over unexploded ordnance, depleted uranium in Gaza – Day 248

Gaza pier: futile – or worse?; Questions about Gazan journalist; Americans reject arming Israel; the dangers of unexploded ordnance & depleted uranium in Gaza; US’s support for a ceasefire; Israeli prisoners, like Gazans, are malnourished; Israeli forces kill 6 Palestinians in West Bank; more on Briahna Joy Gray firing…

Palestinians in Gaza’s displacement camps face rampant disease due to destroyed infrastructure

Those who survived Israel’s deadly bombardment now have to contend with the rising environmental disaster in Gaza’s displacement camps, including insect infestations, dangerous amounts of garbage and human waste, and the spread of infectious disease.

Israeli forces kill 112 Gazans in “flour massacre,” US vetoes condemnation – Day 146

Israeli forces open fire on Gazan aid-seekers, killing over 100, then blame everyone but themselves; US vetoes UN Security Council condemnation of massacre; US mulls air dropping aid – a “negligible” move that has drawn wide criticism; more malnutrition deaths; Gaza’s agricultural sector is decimated; West Bank Palestinian and settler deaths; EuroMed report on torture; more

Enough food is waiting across Gaza’s borders to feed entire population – Day 142

Injuries surpass 70,000; famine while food is almost within reach; babies, children die of malnutrition; West Bank gov. resigns, seeks new, consensus government for the “new reality”; burning books to keep warm; update on Hind, 6; Palestinian Bedouin under attack; active-duty US airman self-immolates in front of Israeli embassy in Washington DC…

Sewage in streets of Gaza’s tent cities, acute malnutrition – Day 123

Hamas’ ceasefire proposal; Israeli troops shoot at Gazans waiting for aid, kill another journalist, prepare to invade Rafah; Israeli leaders in denial about torture; investigation starting on possible Israeli killing of its own on October 7th; West Bank violence, terrible prison conditions; Harvard under investigation; Palestinian in Texas stabbed; billionaires back anti-Palestinian propaganda in US…