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As ceasefire moves closer, Netanyahu trying to “sabotage” deal; Gaza death toll passes 38,000 – Day 271

Netanyahu thwarts ceasefire; more people killed in Gaza; vital humanitarian aid at a standstill; pro-Israel influencers with millions of followers attend Israel-sponsored strategy conference in NY; Israel destroys 600-year-old mosque; largest Israeli West Bank land grab in three decades; Palestinian citizens of Israel are an “existential threat”; leaked document shows Israel’s plan to ethnically cleanse Gazans; more.

Starvation deepens as Israel makes excuses, US and Germany provide cover – Day 263

Another child dies of malnutrition as 96% of Gazans face severe food insecurity; dozens killed in Israeli attacks; ten child leg amputations a day; medicine running out; Israeli military dog attacks Gazan woman; former Shin Bet leader calls for end to the occupation, criticizes Netanyahu on CNN; Jeffrey Epstein boasted about being a Mossad agent; 43 Jewish groups pressure Wikipedia; Israel lies about Hind Rajab, 6; Israeli reservist refusers; Netanyahu sweetens deal for reservists; more.