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Ceasefire deal on the table, as Gazans survey the wreckage – Day 238

Biden presents ceasefire deal, Netanyahu says “non-starter”; Israel withdraws from Jabalia, leaving corpses, destruction, signs of ethnic cleansing in its wake; conditions in Rafah are “horrific and apocalyptic”; more mass graves discovered; Israel has made one third of Gaza “uninhabitable”; Blinken’s feeble commentary on Gaza’s famine; experts say Israel could have used smaller weapons, avoided mass casualties in Rafah last week; AND YET Congress invites Netanyahu to speak.

Gaza holds its breath over possible ceasefire, invasion, or both – Day 210

Israel’s ultimatum; leaked ceasefire details; aid drop malfunction results in Palestinian deaths; Rafah’s 600,000 children at risk; no detailed evacuation plan; Israeli human rights groups take Israeli gov’t to court over aid delivery failure; Israeli attack on West Bank leaves 6 Palestinians dead; Orthodox Easter weekend restrictions; House Dems pressure Biden to halt weapons sales; campus protest news, more