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Israeli forces shoot dead 16-year-old Palestinian boy

Since 2013, Israeli forces and settlers have killed at least 168 Palestinian children in the Occupied Palestinian Territory with live ammunition and crowd-control weapons, according to documentation collected by Defense for Children International. Israeli forces shot Mohammad Said Mohammad Hamayel, 16, with live ammunition during a protest in the village of Beita in the occupied West Bank.

Opinion: Israel uses apartheid to exclude Palestinians. When will Washington face that?

H.A. Hellyer of the Carnegie Foundation calls on the American government to stop acting like Israel isn’t practicing full-blown apartheid, and start focusing on Palestinian human rights. Our leaders need to get aligned with their constituents, who are more willing than ever to be critical of Israel.

Winter weather brings fresh disaster to Gaza

This winter is expected to be even tougher than usual, as Covid lockdown restrictions push yet more people into poverty. More than half the population already lived in poverty as the economy has suffered from the blockade on Gaza and repeated Israeli military operations that have cost the territory nearly $17 billion dollars in the decade from 2007-2017…