Latest news on Great March of Return in Gaza – periodically updated

Israeli forces have killed 112 Palestinians, injured 13,190 … Israel is using “exploding bullets” that cause devastating injuries and often require amputation… killed 2 journalists, injured 90, shot deaf child in head, soccer player in knee… B’Tselem launched campaign telling Israeli soldiers to refuse the illegal orders to shoot unarmed demonstrators…Geraldo Rivera tells Fox he regrets he didn’t support Palestinians against Israeli “occupation and oppression”… We’ll post updates here as we learn of them…

Youngsters “disabled for life” by Israel’s shoot-to-cripple policy in Gaza

The number of dead is outrageous; the number injured – especially gunshot victims, and particularly victims of “butterfly bullets” – is unconscionable. These young protesters will need multiple, complex surgeries (or amputation) and intensive rehabilitation, in a region where medical facilities and staff are already stretched beyond their limits. We can only hope for an authentic investigation via the UN Human Rights Council.