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Biden withholds weapons shipment over Rafah invasion, as Gazans flee – Day 215

Biden administration pauses shipment of deadliest bombs to Israel; new mass grave holds at least 49 Palestinian bodies; Rafah’s largest hospital shuts down as a result of Israeli invasion, as closed crossings cause severe shortages; Israeli military promise Rafah will not be the end of the war; growing number of West Bank home demolitions; Ohio may use old anti-KKK law against pro-Palestine protesters; two new bills in Congress are new-level ridiculous; almost 700 Jewish profs urge Biden not to sign antisemitism legislation; Bahamas recognizes State of Palestine

Gaza holds its breath over possible ceasefire, invasion, or both – Day 210

Israel’s ultimatum; leaked ceasefire details; aid drop malfunction results in Palestinian deaths; Rafah’s 600,000 children at risk; no detailed evacuation plan; Israeli human rights groups take Israeli gov’t to court over aid delivery failure; Israeli attack on West Bank leaves 6 Palestinians dead; Orthodox Easter weekend restrictions; House Dems pressure Biden to halt weapons sales; campus protest news, more

Palestinian Released From Israeli Prison Describes Beatings, Sexual Abuse and Torture

The prisoners’ hands were cuffed behind their back. They were led to the kitchen, where they were stripped and forced to lie one on top of the other, a pile of 10 naked prisoners… Then the dogs attacked

US Congress just approved billions more in military aid to Israel, as Gazans die – Day 200

More weapons to Israel as it plans a potentially genocidal invasion (that US opposes); aid orgs shocked by the recklessness of the plan; Israel holds highest ever number of Palestinians in administrative detention – no charges, no trial; Israel reportedly about to invade Beit Lahiya, denies burying Gazans in mass graves; Israeli forces kill Palestinian woman near Hebron; Google fires more employees over its provision of tech to Israeli gov’t; updates on Freedom Flotilla, campus protests, more

State-backed deadly rampage by Israeli settlers underscores urgent need to dismantle apartheid

Amnesty International: An alarming spike in violence by Israeli settlers against Palestinians across the West Bank highlights the urgent need to dismantle illegal settlements, end Israel’s occupation and its longstanding system of apartheid.

Blinken claims State Dept has no double standard favoring Israel – Day 199

Another shameless moment for Blinken, even as he reveals a long list of Israeli human rights abuses; over 300 Gazan bodies discovered in mass graves; Israel prepping for invasion of Rafah; having a baby in Gaza; final report on UNRWA says Israel never offered evidence of wrongdoing; West Bank death; flurry of actions in solidarity with Palestine on US college campuses, more

Still no evidence of UNRWA employees’ participation in October 7th – Day 198

Months after allegations, no proof from Israel that UNRWA employees were part of October 7th attacks; baby girl delivered after mom killed in Rafah; mass grave in Khan Younis contains at least 283 bodies; thousands of Gazans missing following Israeli military withdrawal; bread and baby formula at last in northern Gaza; increased drone activity worries Rafah residents; new report from Amnesty; West Bank devastation, death; Netzah Yehuda battalion’s very bad reputation; campuses across US show solidarity with Columbia’s pro-Palestine students, more

New mass grave found in Gaza with at least 180 bodies – Day 197

Another mass grave indicates executions; UN says Israel has been lying about numbers of aid trucks; Israel kills 14 in a massive, 50-hour attack in West Bank; Israel loves the new aid package, denounces the new sanction against one military unit; news about the temporary pier being built for Gaza, more