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Israel commits three massacres in less than one hour; a survivor says, “We are killed by American missiles” – Day 283

With US complicity, Israeli attacks continue unabated; another Palestinian journalist killed; Gazan man with Down Syndrome attacked by Israeli military dog, left to die; Smotrich demands blatant disregard for Int’l Court of Justice ruling – if it does not favor Israel; tax deductible support in US for Israeli groups that block humanitarian aid to Gaza; US has been making secret flights to Israel; US court lets Biden off the hook in Gaza genocide; more.

Fear, hunger and displacement follows Israel’s worsening abuse of Palestinians in Hebron

Restrictions on movement, severe shortage of jobs as Israel has shut its labour market in the face of the 400,000 Palestinians it employed, with many families now facing hunger and starvation.

“Most moral army in the world” added to UN Hall of Shame for child endangerment – Day 245

Israeli bombing of Gaza surpasses that of WW2; Israel’s military added to a global list of entities that commit violations against children; surge in Israeli attacks on “safe zones”;
Israel partisans call Briahna Joy Gray “N word”, she describes Hill censorship; West Bank Israeli thuggery; more…

US weapons used in Rafah massacre: CNN report – Day 235

More Israeli strikes rock Rafah as Israeli military pushes into city center; Biden administration doesn’t flinch; Hebron in the West Bank faces apartheid policies; US and Israeli pressure on ICC; Nikki Haley signs off on genocide; $320 million Gaza pier out of service; another expert says Israel is committing genocide; Rafah bombs were US-made, says CNN; more EU countries may recognize Palestine; UN Security Council considers ceasefire resolution; more

Israeli Soldiers Kill A Young Palestinian Woman Near Hebron

A journalism student, Ghofran Haroun Warasna was shot with a live bullet through the heart; Israeli soldiers blocked medics from attending to her until she bled to death. An eyewitness said the woman was walking to work when an Israeli soldier shot her near their military tower. She is the 55th Palestinian killed by Israel in 2022.

Mike Pence and the (alarming) company he keeps

Former VP Mike Pence recently visited Israel, where he spent time with Israeli extremists associated with a banned terrorist movement  and meeting with mega-donor and Israel hawk Miriam Adelson, who is willing to pay big bucks for policymakers’ loyalty.