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Israel’s “Flour Massacres” are back; another damning UN report – Day 257

“Safe zones” are death zones, aid seekers bombed; “brutal torture”; farmland destroyed; UN reports on indiscriminate attacks; growing dissent in US military against Gaza war; Alison Weir on Mawasi; Biden admin reportedly delaying weapons transfer; Tucker & Greenwald discuss suppression of free speech on behalf of Israel; more.

“The situation is apocalyptic,” as Israel bombs another UN school – Day 243

Israel bombs UN school, strips children of their clothes, pushes a million Gazans toward famine, kills civilians with drones; Israelis stage provocative Flag March; Israel targets US lawmakers with fake news; mysterious files on Netanyahu; “disinfo” Israeli company; much more…

In recordbreaking heat, Israel intentionally impedes Palestinian families’ access to water

Is this water apartheid? Recent viral videos show Israeli Civil Administration overseeing as Israeli soldiers and workers fill Palestinian water wells with cement – in the middle of a sweltering summer. Was this a fluke, or part of a massive, discriminative strategy on Israel’s part? The answer will become clear as we sift through the evidence.

Israeli industrial zones exploit Palestinian workers, steal Palestinian land

Palestinians working in settlement industrial zones often feel they have no other choice, with the Palestinian economy and labour market shackled by Israel’s military occupation.

Working conditions are terrible, compensation is unfair, but some workers are fighting back.

Palestinian peace activist denied entry to U.S. for speaking tour

A Palestinian committed to peace was supposed to speak at synagogues, churches, & universities across the U.S. about the power of nonviolence and bringing an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He had a valid visa and had visited the U.S. before. Instead he was denied entry & sent back to Palestine without explanation.