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The Washington Post Redacted Facts About Israel’s Destruction of COVID-19 Clinics

The Washington Post claimed, in spite of clear evidence to the contrary, that Israel had never destroyed Palestinian Covid clinics. In fact Israel is guilty of this and a multitude of other human rights abuses – as a pandemic rages, and with financial support from the US.

Obituary: Erekat, negotiator, public face of Palestinian cause

Saeb Erekat, a familiar face in Palestinian politics for 40 years, has died from coronavirus. Erekat witnessed tumultuous events from an early age. He was 12 years old when Israeli tanks rolled into his hometown of Jericho. His first arrest was at the age of 13. In 1967, he witnessed a war that would last just six days, but which shaped the entire Middle East in the decades since. For Erekat, it would inform the decisions he made for the rest of his life…