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More Disinformation from Israel about Iran

Weakening Iran & possibly even replacing its government is the most compelling issue for Israel & its powerful US domestic lobby, but the Israeli plan is much broader: to make the US the junior partner providing the money & weapons in an effort to militarily dominate the Middle East… Biden/Blinken administration caves on IDF killing of Shireen Abu Akleh, Syria, etc

Israel escalates efforts to get US to attack Iran, as it did Iraq

For many years, Israel & its partisans have pushed the US to attack Iran. Recently they’ve used the Afghan exit to promote policies that could escalate into another disastrous, failed war. Some analysts from across the political spectrum have opposed these dangerous efforts, including Wesley Clark on Democracy Now, CounterPunch writers, Tucker Carlson, & Patrick Buchanan (videos)…

Israel to leverage Afghanistan exit to get US to ‘flex muscle’ against Iran

Israeli insiders say Israel plans to use the ‘humiliating surrender of the US to the Taliban’ to lead Biden to ‘flex US muscle toward Iran.’ During his upcoming meeting with Biden, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s mission will be to convince Biden that Iran ‘poses a tangible and significant threat to the entire world,’ and that the U.S. must take action against Iran…

‘Israel’s Lawyer’ et al promote US militarism, anti-Iran policies

Even while the US is exiting the tragic, disastrous Afghanistan war, Israel partisan are pushing an attack on Iran… Dennis Ross served under Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Obama. As an ardent Israel advocate, he was dubbed “Israel’s lawyer”… He’s just one of many Israel partisans promoting US aggression against Iran. Now Ross advocates giving Israel the means to start a major regional war that would likely escalate to include direct US involvement. Read the facts and take action…

Israel Cracks the Whip: Netanyahu tells Biden how to deal with Iran

Girald reports: Anyone who persists in believing that the US is not Israel’s poodle should pay attention to the comedy that is playing out right now… ‘Russiagate’ really ‘Israelgate’… Netanyahu, Kushner, Flynn, etc… Will it lead to a totally unnecessary and unwinnable war with Iran?

‘NY Times’ story on Iran-Al Qaeda is dishonest — and could help justify a U.S./Israeli attack

Trump and Netanyahu could be using the same scare tactics to justify any attacks on Iran they may be planning — and the Times may have fallen into their trap. The Times published a misleading report on its front page that further raises the risk that Trump and Netanyahu could provoke a conflict with Iran during the Trump administration’s final 66 days…

Israel Leverages Dubious ‘Nuclear Archives’ to Re-Enlist IAEA in Campaign Against Iran

Iran views the new IAEA exercise as yet another salient of the Israeli “maximum pressure” strategy. Tehran has thus insisted that the IAEA cease its role as a de facto prosecutor for the U.S.-Israeli special relationship.