Top military expert Col. Douglas MacGregor warns against attack on Iran


Colonel Douglas MacGregor is a 28-year veteran of the US Army who previously served as Senior Advisor to the US Secretary of Defense. He explains that all the evidence indicates that Iran did not perpetrate the recent attack that killed three American servicemen and describes the long effort to get the US to attack Iran on behalf of Israel.

Col. McGregor explains that such an attack would be disastrous on every level.

This excerpt is from a longer interview that can be viewed at (If Americans knew added the image of the New York Times advertisement and the photos of Gaza.) 

Israel and Israel partisans embedded in the US government previously pushed the US into the disastrous Iraq War. See and

This is not the first time the US was used to deliver oil to Israel. See the account by Gary Vogler, a former US Army officer who served as a senior oil consultant for US Forces in Iraq. See and

For more information on israel-Palestine go to

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