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The President Who Stole Christmas

A Palestinian in Jerusalem describes the impact of Trump’s announcement that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel: “Prior to this announcement, we were in the first week of a joyous Christmas… Christmas trees in every shop and restaurant, Santa hats in cars and Christmas carols sung everywhere. Giant Christmas trees lit in the main squares of the cities with tens of thousands of Christians and Muslims celebrating together…”

Tillerson, Mattis Warned Trump Against Embassy Move

Trump decided to keep his campaign pledge, despite warnings from Mattis and Tillerson that the move would endanger US diplomats, undermine the peace process, and be condemned in both Arab countries and America’s most important Eurpean allies. Domestically, Trump has little to worry about. Democrats have fawned over Israel for 70 years, the Republicans’ Christian Evangelical base supports the embassy move, and the GOP has been desperate to break into what was once a Democrat-only monopoly on Jewish-American political funding—and Jewish votes…

Israeli forces kill 2 Palestinians, injure 767: US Context and live updates after Trump Jerusalem announcement

Israeli forces killed 2 Palestinian protesters and injured 767… Trump signed waiver to postpone moving embassy, just like previous presidents (see video)…. Original legislation to move US embassy was passed with bipartisan support, including Biden, Kerry, etc… JTA says all major mainstream Jewish groups support Trump announcement, some smaller ones oppose the timing… This post will be UPDATED as events occur…

Three articles with background on Trump’s Jerusalem move & the Adelson connection

Background on President Trump’s announcement regarding Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The issue has its roots in history and in the hearts of billions of adherents of the world’s three most populous religions. Billionaire Israel partisan Sheldon Adelson pushed for Trump’s move…

U.S. Senate Marks 50th Anniversary of Jerusalem “Reunification”

JTA reports that the US Senate has approved a “non-binding resolution marking the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem.” The bill was passed on Thursday, June 1st, the anniversary of Israel’s takeover of East Jerusalem in 1967. Most of the world rejects the label of “reunification,” rejecting Israel’s claim of sovereignty over the captured territories.