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Israel undecided about Iran response, but carries on against Gaza, West Bank – Day 191

North Gaza starts to eat again; others unearth dead bodies; Rafah attack postponed; Gaza land stolen as “buffer zone”; Iran accuses US of hypocrisy; questions of whether/how Israel will respond to Iran’s retaliation; West Bank attacks, deaths continue; Biden pushes for billions more to Israel

Iranian attack was a measured response to Israel’s assault – Chas Freeman

The Iranian attack was a response to Israel’s assault on its embassy, a breach of the ancient norms of international relations, the UN Charter, & the Vienna Convention. Iran’s counterattack targeted facilities in the sparsely populated Negev Desert, which were directly involved in the Israeli breach of international law. Iran cited the UN Charter’s right of self-defense in mounting its attack

Iran retaliates against Israeli aggression, as Gaza and West Bank struggle – Day 190

Iran’s unprecedented retaliatory attack on Israel; US experts say Israel trying to involve US in war against Iran; Israel’s ongoing massacres, threats against Gaza; Israel’s allies’ attempt to bully pro-Palestinian, pro-justice voices; West Bank struggles against massive settler attacks

Israel faces possible embargo, war crime accusation, threats from Biden and Iran – Day 180

Times have been rough for Israel, thanks to a UN vote to halt arms sales, a Human Rights Watch war crime report, an angrier than usual Biden, a shake-up in the military ranks, and global scrutiny of AI targeting of people in Gaza. Meanwhile, Israel killing of Gazans and West Bank Palestinians continues, released Gaza captives show signs of torture – and another October 7th “friendly fire” incident is identified

Col. MacGregor, a 28-year veteran of the US Army who previously served as Senior Advisor to the US Secretary of Defense, explains that Iran did not perpetrate the recent attack that killed 3 American servicemen. He describes the long effort to get the US to Iraq attack Iran on behalf of Israel and explains that such an attack would be disastrous on every level.