A disturbing video shows Israeli police demonstrating to hundreds of elementary school children how to make sure “assailants” are dead—by continuing to fire at them as they lay on the ground.

This week in Palestine: Palestinian hunger striker dies, IDF attacks journalists and protesters

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights documents crimes committed in the occupied Palestinian territories in weekly reports. We will summarize their reports and stories from other news agencies with the goal of informing Americans of the ongoing violence that Palestinian families face each day under Israel’s occupation of their ancestral lands. The Israeli government receives $3 billion per year in direct military aid from U.S. taxpayers.

NY Times: Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner’s real estate empire had help from one of Israel’s wealthiest families

Raz Steinmetz, 53, was behind Kushner deals; his uncle, billionaire diamond dealer Beny Steinmetz, is under scrutiny by law enforcement in four countries – his lawyer is Alan Dershowitz; Kushner has traveled repeatedly to Israel, where Kushner Companies have taken out at least four loans from Israel’s largest bank…