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Facts & analysis on the events of Oct. 7 and since

Death, destruction in Gaza “unprecedented and unbearable to witness” – Day 69

Gaza hospitals in crisis amid devastation, journalists at risk; Jenin in shambles; Israeli forces brutally attack CNN photojournalist on camera; Israel says “intense phase” of war to last till end of January; Taylor Swift, Santa Claus, Ilan Pappe harassed; Jewish Voice for Peace stops traffic all over the US on last night of Hanukkah

“The international community is failing Gaza” – Day 68

Israeli soldiers cut off food to newborns; Gaza humanitarian crisis worsens; 3-day siege on Jenin ends with 12 Palestinians dead; more Americans protest Biden policy, more punished for Palestine support; Jewish teacher in Georgia says he will behead student over her statement about Israeli flag…

Apparent mass execution of Gazan women, children, babies – Day 67

Disease, heavy rains, hospitals under siege, apparent mass executions, tunnels being flooded in Gaza; days-long siege of Jenin, 7 killed; widespread prisoner abuse by Israel; Israel will continue “with or without int’l support,” war may spread to West Bank; pope, UN General Assembly overwhelmingly support ceasefire; Biden has mixed messages for Israel.

“Endless tragedy, hell on earth,” now over 18K dead – Day 66

U.N. General Assembly voted to demand ceasefire; 6 major humanitarian groups: “We have seen nothing like the siege of Gaza” ; Committee to Protect Journalist: “deeply alarmed by journalists in Gaza reporting receiving threats, and subsequently, their family members killed”; Doctors Without Borders: “Israeli attacks have killed at least 5 hospital staff, including two of its doctors while they were caring for their patients”…

“Half of Gaza is now starving” – Day 65

Skyrocketing orphans in Gaza; Israel is committing “horrific crimes”; calls for a global strike; general strike in West Bank; UN 377 invoked in attempt to override Security Council failure; Israel has imprisoned 142 females from Gaza, including nursing babies and elderly; Bethlehem churches letter; over 1 million Americans participated in protests since Gaza-Israel war began Oct 7; US universities under fire; updated statistics

Gaza pumping stations stop, sewage is “flowing in the streets” – Day 63

Israeli forces committed 20 massacres, wiping out entire families, kill 9 Palestinians in West Bank, Israeli military kills hostage it’s trying to rescue, Blinken bypasses weapons sale protocol for Israel, Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) casts lone “nay” on pro-Israel resolution, prominent Jewish organizations launch new centralized communications operation to advocate for Israel

Rumors of war: did hundreds of Hamas fighters surrender to Israeli forces?

Leaked videos & photos indicate that a group of Palestinian men were captured and forced to strip. But who were they, and why were they there? Don’t believe the headlines. It turns out they were 12-year-olds, senior citizens, doctors, academics, shopkeepers, construction workers…