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Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk Insults USS Liberty Survivors

Charlie Kirk founded “Turning Point USA,” which claims to advocate policies associated with the conservative side of the political spectrum. Kirk recently insulted USS Liberty veterans, one of the most decorated crews in U.S Navy history. Joe Meadors, a survivor of Israel’s lethal attack on the USS Liberty, writes: “I hope others in Kirk’s organization or who share his political dogma don’t share his public disdain for American servicemen whose only crime is to be victims of Israeli War Crimes.

USS Liberty Veterans banned forever from Am Legion Nat’l Convention

Survivors of the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty have been censored, threatened, ostracized, and bullied. American Legion leaders, supporting a foreign country over U.S. veterans, now are prohibiting them from having a booth at the annual convention. Please take action to support this crew – one of the most decorated in US Naval history…

DOUBLE STANDARD: The Hill refuses to publish column about USS Liberty

The Hill published a column in favor of ending $300 million in US aid to Palestinians, based on the murder of an American by a Palestinian man unaffiliated with any Palestinian organization. In response, Geoff ONeill submitted a column that suggested suspending $3.8 billion to Israel, based on the Israeli military’s killing of 34 American servicemen. The Hill would not publish that column – but then published a second column by another Israel partisan praising the TFA…