Israel imposes taxes on church, UN properties in Jerusalem

Israel has begun to tax churches and UN properties in occupied East Jerusalem – reversing a policy that has been in place since 1967. (This will not apply to buildings used for worship.) The government imposed restrictions on the bank accounts of evangelical, Armenian and Roman churches on the grounds of non-payment of property taxes. Trump’s decision last month to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has encouraged the Israeli government to annex large swathes of the city and force its laws on it…

PayPal freezes out Palestine Activists in France & in Palestine itself

Association France Palestine Solidarité, one of 20 orgs banned from Israel, has just found its PayPal account for accepting donations abruptly shut down with no explanation. Meanwhile, Paypal denies its service to Palestinians – though not Israeli settlers – in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. Two articles…

Year In Review: Worst Abuses Against Palestinian Children

Defense for Children International – Palestine’s 2017 report: Israeli forces caused 14 child deaths & at least 961 child injuries, used excessive force, there was little to no accountability, an average of over 300 Palestinian children were in the prison system each month, 75% are abused, many face solitary confinement… In the US some positive legislation has been introduced…

Eyewitness descriptions of Israeli military court proceedings: “Great injustice”

Two young Palestinian men, Abdul-Khaliq Burnat and  Mohammed Tamimi, had their day in (Israeli military) court last weekend. They have much in common: they both come from prominent nonviolent activist families, both are victims – along with their families and entire towns – of collective punishment, and it looks like neither young man will be going home anytime soon.

Israeli forces target Palestinian schools, youth activists

Israel, that “beacon of democracy,” is repressing free speech as it imprisons – and re-imprisons – young Palestinian activists. (Since the beginning of Israel’s occupation of Gaza & the West Bank, it has arrested more than 800,000 Palestinians, almost 20% of the total and about 40% of male Palestinians in the occupied territories.)