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Israeli war planes vs Palestinian balloons, kites & rockets

Much essential information is frequently omitted from US news coverage, including the vast difference in weaponry used in the “Israel-Hamas wars” – see this detailed report and videos of the weapons used by Israeli military forces and Palestinian resistance groups.

Why Is the U.S. Playing Along With Israel’s Veto Over American Weapons Sales?

The facts are unbelievable. The U.S. Congress passed special legislation that requires the United States to hold a “consultation” with its ostensible ward, Israel, before signing arms deals in the Middle East. In other words, Israel has something close to veto power over America, rather than the opposite.

Israel Lobby’s latest way to extort money from US taxpayers

New bill would give Israel a veto over US arms sales… Cumulative US aid to Israel is $295 Billion – three times the amount the US spent to rebuild Europe after WWII under the Marshall Plan… Israel lobby group proposes that the US explode its already ballooning deficit even further by advancing cash to Israel under a new “Deferred Payment Plan”…